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Maat Legal

Maat Legal was born out of the desire to improve the legal industry for the public and the legal community providing the services. Founder, Rilus Dana, entered the legal industry at a pivotal moment. The internet provided access to information previously only known to attorneys. Technology changed estate planning needs. And, the Bush tax cuts took away one of the biggest motivators for hiring estate planning attorneys. He saw the need to change from “old school” law and set out to create the “perfect” modern law firm.

“As many business owners will tell you, there is no way to truly appreciate all of the aspects and considerations of running a business until you are, in fact, doing it.” – Rilus Dana

With Maat Legal, you have access to all the systems and tools needed to run a successful estate planning law practice.

Rilus Dana

Rilus Dana is a powerful leader building wealth with love. As a second-generation estate planner, he has firsthand experience with everything from working as a law clerk and junior associate to starting and running his own law firm. Upon starting his law firm, Dana and Associates, Rilus discovered the challenges attorneys face with all of the “business stuff”. He wanted simple, effective systems and processes that were efficient for him and his team, yet easy for his clients. He wanted to spend more time focused on meeting with clients and practicing law to solve their problems, and less time on the business. So, Rilus searched for a law firm practice management company that resonated with his style of practice and core values. While this is a common offering for dental or medical practices, there were few to choose from for managing a law practice. He found their approach was outdated and based on a dying law firm model.

The plan for the perfect law firm evolved into the plan for a law firm practice management and resource company—Maat Legal, LLC.

Rilus began experimenting with this process by having Maat Legal, LLC manage Dana and Associates, LLC, his estate planning practice. While working out the details of services to empower law firms, the Maat Legal proprietary estate planning processes were developed. The estate planning processes led to designing custom software that makes it easier for clients to provide their information for the first meeting and easier for the attorneys to deliver custom and complete estate plans.

The practice of law has always been a service-based business, and Rilus and Maat Legal are here to make sure your service is the best that it can be.

More About Rilus

Rilus is a father of three boys, sixth-generation native to Arizona, skateboarder (retired), surfer, hiker, yogi, vintage bicycle collector, activist, attorney licensed and practicing in Arizona and California, and licensed but inactive in Nevada. He has an “Architect” personality type (INTJ), which can be described as a thoughtful tactician who loves perfecting the details of life and applying creativity and rationality to everything they do.