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Stay ahead of the game with the newest practices in virtual meetings, digital notaries, electronic document storage, digital assets, and much more with our on-demand CLEs

Empowerment is in the center of our core values and is the ā€œEā€ in MEP! Empowerment starts with being educated on the latest legal strategies and having a deep understanding of the important issues that may affect our clients. The estate planning industry is rapidly changing as states pass laws that allow for you to control what happens to your information that is being stored electronically, otherwise known as Digital Assets. Maat Legal is at the forefront in modernizing estate planning for our ever-evolving world.

This is seen in the Maat Legal three part digital asset planning, which includes: 1. The trust documents, which provides general instructions over electronic information, 2. The Digital Asset Trust, which provides specific instructions over email, iCloud accounts, Google Drive, Amazon Photos, other web based-media applications, and 3. The Digital Vault, which provides the ability to store and share the estate plan and other important information.

In Arizona and many other states, it is now possible to create a will electronically, and it is also possible to notarize documents with a remote online notary. Technology has improved many aspects of our lives and modern laws now allow for the estate planning process to be improved and updated.

In addition to the formal CLE events, Maat Legal attorneys give and receive support from other members in the private group and from attending the weekly attorney meeting, where we review our current cases and discuss solutions to current issues that we are facing.